Day Announces New Version of Communique

Jul 28, 2006


Day Software, a provider of global content management and content infrastructure software, has announced the availability of Communique 4.1, a native JCR (JSR 170) standard compliant enterprise content management solution. JSR 170 is a Java Content Repository (JCR) standard for the enterprise content management industry.

Applications leveraging application programming interface (API), can run on any JSR 170-compliant repository. Communique 4.1 ships with, and runs natively, on Day's JCR, Content Repository Extreme (CRX). Enhancements to Communique 4.1 include: enhanced usability for all users, including authors, administrators and developers; performance improvements, failover clustering for author systems, a new external web application component, configuration options for versioning, and a portal integration option containing a JSR-168 compliant portlet; a portal director, which provides integration into a portal server environment, allowing Communique 4.1 content to be displayed through a JSR 168-compliant portlet.

Content can be dynamically associated with an individual portlet instance using the Communique Author environment; Active/Passive Clustering uses one central, high-availability database server for permanent storage, and two servers for non-permanent storage; an external application component, which allows users to include external web applications in a company's website. The applications are referenced by their URLs, or, if deployed on the same application server, relative URLs can be used; more configuration options; a rich text editor provides more flexibility in image handling and allows the use of custom colors in tables; Communique 4.1 provides performance analysis capabilities with improved overall repository (CRX) performance; and migration, which allows projects to be migrated 'in place' with an update installer, leaving the existing deployments and architecture intact.