Day Announces Availability of Communiqué 4

Nov 18, 2005

Day Software, a provider of global content management and content infrastructure software, has announced the availability of Communiqué 4, a native JCR (JSR 170) standard-compliant Enterprise Content Management solution.

The standard is focused on the customer by allowing them to access and use their most valuable information, no matter where it resides. Communiqué 4 ships with and runs natively on Day's java content repository, Content Repository Extreme (CRX). The JCR (JSR 170) standard, initiated and lead by Day, now makes it possible to develop applications using this standard API. These applications can run on any JSR 170-compliant repository. The Communiqué 4 framework offers a reusable component framework that solves multiple customer challenges with one (end-to-end) integrated solution. By delivering integrated Enterprise Content Management applications, Java Content Repository, and Connection Services, all from a single vendor, Day's customers can deploy enterprise applications on the web. In addition, customers can choose components, designed to allow them greater flexibility.

Communiqué 4 is a continuation of prior Communiqué releases, and provides a transition from older releases to Communiqué 4. Existing Communiqué projects can be migrated "in place" with help of an update installer, leaving the existing deployments and architecture intact. New projects can readily use the standardized API and can benefit from the new technology. The feature set includes: Complete native JSR 170 repository; Standard Java Portlet API (JSR 168) is provided to allow integration of any compliant portlet; Component architecture that allows for reusability of application functionality and rapid development and deployment; Multi-Site Manager allows for easy control of any number of sub-sites through a mechanism of content inheritance and monitoring of language coherence; Conditional, parallel, and nested workflows improve business processes; Communiqué projects can be packaged quickly and easily for "in-place" distribution and upgrades; ContentBus resources can be visually displayed as a site tree, Web drives and folders, which allow easy access from desktop applications, such as Microsoft Office, that support the WebDAV protocol; Platform independent spellchecking directly built into Communiqué 4; High levels of service and availability through clustering with native synchronization; and JSR 170 Eclipse plug-in. Communiqué 4 is a 100% Java application, and will run as a Servlet inside its own Servlet container or inside J2EE application servers.