David Montgomery’s National World Partners with Carbon by Clicksco

Dec 18, 2018

Newspaper entrepreneur David Montgomery, has partnered his National World business with data management platform, Carbon by Clicksco, in a strategic move expected to increase revenue and readership for publishers, ensure more transparency for digital advertisers and better target audiences with rich, relevant content.

Together, National World and Carbon believe they can deliver value for owners and investors by aggregating news sites in one place while retaining the distinct appearance, brands, and content of each. Using intelligence from 1.25 billion global customer profiles, Carbon promises to reach more consumers with intent to purchase, based on their data. Thanks to its unique taxonomy, which allows for better quality audience management, publishers will be better able to attract a premium from advertisers previously difficult to unlock and leverage.

Carbon, an AI-driven intent data platform, is the result of years of data science expertise and development and was launched by Clicksco in February 2018. It allows agencies, advertisers, and publishers to use their audience data for better personalization and greater revenue. Several publishers in the US and Europe, including Say Media which is the platform behind Maxim.com and History.com, have already embedded Carbon technology.

Built natively on Clicksco’s own data lake, the cloud-based DMP uses machine learning to better understand the needs, behaviors, and intent of consumers from the acquisition, through to engagement and conversion, delivering more personalized online experiences and more profitable audience data monetization. In the future, Carbon could allow unique ways of searching and interacting with content while cross-selling subject-based subscription packages across multiple publishers.

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