Datorama Launches Cross-Channel Marketing Analytics Platform

Jan 23, 2014

Following a year of testing and a soft launch in 2013, Datorama is launching its Cross-Channel Marketing Analytics Platform. One trend Datorama is seeing across clients and product categories is the impact of TV on social media, and it is aiming to address those issues.

Datorama's Cross-Channel Marketing Analytics Platform permits marketers and agencies to see all of their unified and normalized marketing data in one interface across all channels-including TV, social media, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), online display & video, programmatic, email, internal sales data, print, etc. They can also isolate and visualize the impact of one channel across time, integrate any data from existing data sources or from new sources via Datorama's Dynamic Landing Zone. Users can analyze real-time cross-channel campaign performance immediately and without involving IT or a system integration project. And last but not least, Datorama allows for the restructuring of marketing campaigns instantly, based on media and channel synergies uncovered in order to improve marketing ROI.