Datawatch Monarch|RMS Extends OnBase with Web-based Report Mining and Analytics

Jun 22, 2007

Datawatch Corporation has announced that its web-based report mining and analysis solution, Monarch|RMS (Report Mining Server), is integrated with Hyland Software’s OnBase enterprise content management (ECM) software suite. The combination of Monarch|RMS and OnBase is intended to connect business intelligence with content management to allow users to analyze and work with the data in reports and other documents. Monarch|RMS is designed to turn reports stored in a vendor’s report management system into real, actionable data. Monarch|RMS is designed to provide the tools needed to unlock corporate data in stored, static reports. Key features include: the ability for Monarch|RMS to control reports already available in an organization by transforming them into a source of live data; Web-based Analytics, through a web browser interface, users can transform reports into data tables, charts, graphs, Excel spreadsheets, multi-dimensional cubes for advanced analytics, PDF files or XML forms. In addition, users can perform dozens of ad hoc sorts, filters, and calculations on the data for further analysis.