Datapower Launches Financial Services Program

Feb 06, 2004


DataPower Technology, Inc., the creator of intelligent XML-Aware Network (XAN) infrastructure, has announced a new program that addresses the need to bind specific, XML-based vertical industry standards to more general standards that are essential for any Web service deployment.  DataPower's program is designed to provide Financial Services companies a solution for "Snap-In" XML Web Service security that is transparent to existing applications and easy to deploy by offering a starter-kit of pre-built DataPower XS40 XML security gateway policies. The policies bind vertical standards, like Market Data Definition Language (MDDL) for the interchange of information to trade financial instruments of the world's markets, to "horizontal" Web services standards, like WS-Security that is critical for message integrity, confidentiality, and authentication within a Web service.  

Targeted at architects, developers, security officers, and network administrators, the program provides: Pre-built policies for "drop in" security for XBRL or MDDL messages running through a DataPower device; Deployment scenarios on meshing the vertical XML standards with the horizontal XML standards within the financial services industry; Case studies on companies that have successfully secured Web service implementations; Whitepapers detailing how to recognize and mitigate the increased operational and security exposure for network teams and security officers; Technical notes on integrating other enterprise consoles into an overall management solution for Web services; and Technical notes on security Web service standards WS-Security, SAML, XML Encryption and XML Digital Signatures.

DataPower has also announced that the Principal Financial Group - a financial institution offering businesses, individuals, and institutional clients a range of financial products - has deployed the DataPower XML accelerator hardware device. The Principal Financial Group has seen an increasing use of XML within the enterprise and anticipated the need to provide the capabilities of a wirespeed XML acceleration device to ensure predictable application performance and reduce Java application server resource utilization.

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