Datacatch Launches Librarian

Aug 08, 2006


Datacatch Inc., a software company focused on the management and security of removable media, has launched Datacatch Librarian, an application for managing and organizing information and data that is backed up, stored, or used through removable media, such as critical files, financial records, software programs, family photos, and music. Datacatch Librarian provides tools to search, retrieve, and manage removable media including hard drives, USB keys, photo memory cards, and optical discs such as CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray, and HD-DVD. Datacatch Librarian recognizes each time removable media is inserted or connected and in turn, catches and organizes details about the media and the files it contains, including file and folder details, as well as thumbnail images, so the data can be retrieved.

To locate a particular document, file, or photo, a user browses the folders stored on the removable media in the same way as browsing the files and folders on the computer's hard drive. Alternatively, a user can type in a title or file name into the Windows Explorer search engine to locate the removable media.