DataSalon Launches New Publisher Dashboard Service

Sep 04, 2018

DataSalon announced the launch of a major new Publisher Dashboard service--building on 12 years of close collaboration with over 20 publishers to create the most comprehensive and flexible dashboards available, tailored specifically for scholarly publishers.

The new Publisher Dashboard service is the only solution in the market to offer publisher-specific dashboards which cover the complete customer picture--not just of institutional usage and denials data, but also of author submissions, journal subs, book sales, and individual customer and member contacts.

It’s also the only solution available, which provides full integration with GRID or Ringgold as standard, so that real-world publisher data is automatically linked, cleaned, and deduped for accurate results.

All of this means the Publisher Dashboards provide significant financial benefits to publishers, including:

  • targeting new prospects where institutions have high author submissions, access denials, or pay per view purchases
  • cross-referring journal and book purchases to identify new subject/package sales opportunities
  • reporting ‘at risk’ customers with high cost per download or declining usage
  • driving article submissions by identifying relevant authors at subscribing institutions

Dashboards are already being enthusiastically rolled out to sales, marketing, and editorial staff by publishers including Wiley, Taylor & Francis, and the Royal Society of Chemistry.

A range of functionality is supported, including charts, maps and tables; Venn diagrams and cross-tabs; and even a “family tree” view to visualize hierarchical relationships. Dashboards are fully interactive allowing users to drill right down to explore row-level detail for every customer. There are no limits on the number of different dashboards that can be configured, or on the number of staff using the system.

Dashboards are simple to set up and simple to use, with full support from DataSalon staff. Publishers can choose to include as many or as few data sources as they wish, and the system supports data transfer standards such as SUSHI for COUNTER reports, and the ScholarOne API for author submissions data.

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