DataPower and eXcelon Team to Accelerate Web Services Deployment

Nov 15, 2002

DataPower Technology, Inc., a provider of intelligent XML-aware network infrastructure, and eXcelon Corporation have announced the availability of eXcelon's Stylus Studio integrated with the DataPower XA35 XML Accelerator. The uniform solution is designed to speed both the performance and time to market for Web Service applications by offering a single platform for the development, validation, and deployment of high-performance XML-based applications. eXcelon's Stylus Studio is an integrated development platform (IDE) for creating, validating, and debugging XSL stylesheets and XML-to-XML mappings.

DataPower's XA35 XML accelerator is a network device purpose-built to process XML at wire speed, increasing XML performance by 10x or better. The XA35 offloads XML processing from costly general-purpose servers and eliminates the need for developers to hand optimize style sheets or "dumb-down" applications because of performance concerns. The integration of Stylus Studio and XA35 is designed to offer enterprises an efficient solution to reduce the development cycles necessary to distribute XML applications and Web Services across the enterprise and significantly boost application performance delivery.

Historically, XML applications have been developed separately from the production infrastructure used to launch them across the enterprise. Due to inconsistencies between platforms and software-based XML accelerators, this process increases development and quality assurance cycles, and ultimately the time necessary to get the applications to final production. With the integration of DataPower's XML accelerator and eXcelon's Stylus Studio IDE, enterprises can now substantially shorten this timeline by developing and debugging ‘on-the-fly' in the same runtime environment used for deployment. DataPower's XA35 XML Accelerator and eXcelon's Stylus Studio version 4.5 are available immediately. eXcelon's Stylus Studio version 4.5 is available at; single user pricing starts at $399, and volume and site licensing pricing is also available. Pricing for the XA35 solution starts at $54,995.

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