DataPower Releases Firmware Version 2.5

Dec 19, 2003

DataPower Technology, Inc. has announced the availability of firmware release 2.5 for its XML-aware networking hardware (the DataPower XS40 XML Security Gateway and DataPower XA35 XML Accelerator). The latest version of the products is part of DataPower's "Managing Operational Complexity of Real-World XML Web Services" strategy. Firmware release v2.5 includes: new AAA (Authentication, Authorization, and Audit) framework (including SAML support and fine-grained authorization), enhanced multistep, user-defined WebGUI wizards, integration with existing infrastructure, and DataGlue binary binding. DataPower's version 2.5 is designed to enable its customers to optimize, secure, and manage enterprise-class XML and Web services deployments.

Features and enhancements in version 2.5 include: AAA Framework for Fine Grained Access Control and Advanced SAML--With version 2.5, DataPower XS40 provides support for Web services access control policy enforcement including both on-board/off-board policy control, LDAP, Radius, XKMS, SAML, and integration with access management systems that include Sun Identity Server and Netegrity. Enhanced Multi-Step XML Processing--With 2.5, DataPower advances its XML engine by making it easier to chain individual steps (such as encryption, digital signature, XML routing, message splitting, rewrite, XPath extract) in any order. User-Defined GUI Wizards--DataPower's WebGUI can now be customized to create task-oriented step-by-step screens that match customer-specific usage scenarios and corporate policies for Web services deployments. Integration for Management--DataPower XS40 XML Security Gateway version 2.5 integrates with Computer Associates' Unicenter for Web services management, Redline Networks for Web/io acceleration, F5 Networks' BIG-IP for application traffic management, and vendors for access management. DataGlue--This technology, available as an optional add-on to XA35 or XS40 products, offers the ability to both parse and to output non-XML data, such as text or binary packets.