DataPower Announces XG4 XML Chip and Modules

May 14, 2004

DataPower has announced the XG4 (XML Generation 4) product family of XML chips and modules. The XG4 family is an XML networking security and acceleration solution designed to deliver gigabit performance necessary for high-speed network and server infrastructure. DataPower XG4 subsystems offer OEMs this XML processing technology in a range of form factors, speed ratings, and features. The XG4 architecture combines DataPower's XML ASIC, off-the-shelf components, and proprietary driver software to perform XPath and XML Schema validation directly in hardware. The XG4 product family allows OEMs, such as network vendors or blade server manufacturers, to embed XML Web Services security in traditional firewalls or security switches, SOAP load balancing in server load balancers, or XML acceleration in routers. XG4 ASIC-based subsystems are currently available to qualifying manufacturers as PCI card or PMC module, with PCI-X support available in the Q3. XG4 chipsets can also be integrated into custom solutions. Pricing is dependent on volumes, speed rating, and features.