Data Depth Answers Valeo IP with 12 Counter-Claims

Jan 14, 2005

Data Depth Corporation, a/k/a:, has filed its answer, counterclaims, and third-party claims in the litigation instituted by Valeo Intellectual Property. A copy of Data Depth's pleading can be downloaded from Data Depth's web site at: Data Depth's pleadings allege causes of action against Valeo Intellectual Property, Inc., Print Craft, Inc., and RSiCopyright for breach of contract, violation of the Washington Consumer Protection Act, unfair competition, misrepresentation, tortious interference with business expectancies, violation of the Lanham Act, theft of trade secrets and conversion. Data Depth also asserts that the company terminated Valeo IP's license for "good and valid reasons." The dispute goes back to November 1, 2004, when Data Depth served Valeo IP (at the time called Print Craft, Inc. and previously RSiCopyright) with a notice of breach of license and requested that Valeo mend the breaches. Since November 2004, the two sides have filed responses and complaints on at least four other occasions.