Dartmouth Journal Services Selects XyEnterprise XML CM Software

Jan 23, 2004


XyEnterprise, a developer of XML content management and enterprise publishing solutions, has announced that Dartmouth Journal Services, a specialist in the production of longer-run journals for society and commercial publishers, has selected XyEnterprise's Content@ content management and workflow software. Combined with its Web interface, Content@ Web, the solution is expected to enhance Dartmouth's editorial and production workflow by enabling teams around the world to collaborate on editorial processes and produce publications more rapidly and cost effectively.

The Content@ content management and workflow system is optimized to manage large volumes of XML content, as well as the business rules needed to assemble and publish this important information. Content@ and the Content@ Web interface will link Dartmouth's global teams in the full-service production of scientific, technical, and medical journals. Content@'s standard workflow, version control, open API, and role-based access rules will enable Dartmouth to reduce the time required to publish final print and online journals.

(http://www.dartmouthjournals.com/intro.html), (http://www.xyenterprise.com)