Danvers Savings Bank Rolls Chooses Intranets.com

Jan 16, 2004

Intranets.com, a provider of online collaboration services, has announced that Danvers Savings Bank (DSB), a financial institution operating out of twelve locations in Massachusetts, is using Intranets.com in an effort to improve collaboration and information sharing across all branches. In the past, DSB relied exclusively on group emails and hard copy manuals and forms to communicate with employees. Now, DSB can distribute company news, manuals, and other information electronically to all employees through a Web browser. Within a few months of implementation, DSB has conducted five employee polls, managed event registration for a special employee training conference, and has created its own "For Sale" marketplace. Intranets.com provides a range of hosted collaboration applications that work within an integrated browser environment. The Intranets.com suite includes a document manager, online calendar, task manager, online discussion forum, database manager, email, opinion polls, and other customizable applications.

(http://www.danverssavings), (http://www.intranets.com)