DailyDeals.com Debuts With Anti-Local Focus

Nov 02, 2011

A new daily deals site, appropriately titled DailyDeals.com, made its official debut this week. While it seems that the daily deal-startup market may be getting crowded, DailyDeals.com will offer only online and nationwide deals rather than the hyperlocal deals that are popular among other daily deal sites, including industry leaders Living Social and Groupon. DailyDeals.com says it will provide access to exclusive, limited-quantity deals that save customers up to 60%.

Deals will be available on many consumer goods, including clothing, jewelry, home improvement items, and electronics, and will all be from reputable online stores that can be accessed and ordered from by any customer in the U.S. The DailyDeals.com website will also feature a list of suggested products, as well as video and user feedback about the deals.

Subscribers to the site can opt to get daily deal notifications via email, Facebook, or Twitter. DailyDeals.com is published by internet marketing company Vertive, LLC.