Dagda Mor Media Launches VoIP Business Weekly using Cadmus 3Path

May 24, 2005

Cadmus Communications Corporation has announced that Dagda Dor Media launched a new publication VoIP Business Weekly (VBW), which concentrates on the Internet Telephone industry. The magazine offers a print edition and digital edition every other week. Dagda Mor saves significantly on start-up costs by using the dual-launch strategy.

VBW is published 44 times annually. Print and digital editions are published 22 times each year on alternating weeks with unique content in each version. dPub is an enhanced digital version of the printed communication that uses Adobe Reader and adds customized navigation tools, embedded links and/or multi-media. 3Path is a digital delivery solution for delivering dPub or other content--of any file type or size--directly from the publisher to the desktop of the reader. 3Path and dPub can create a highly personalized, rich media experience for the end user by enabling a direct communication channel with the publisher.
(www.cadmus.com; www.voipweekly.com)