DNN Launches Evoq 9

Dec 20, 2016


DNN announced the general availability of Evoq 9, which delivers omnichannel publishing via a microservices architecture. Evoq 9 includes Liquid Content, a new Content as a Service platform that’s delivered as a microservice via DNN’s Liquid Content Cloud.

Liquid Content includes:

  • A headless CMS to manage content 
  • A content analytics application to measure and analyze the impact of content 
  • A stateless API to access and retrieve content 
  • Delivery of services via Liquid Content Cloud, powered by Microsoft Azure
  • The content delivery and presentation features of the Evoq CMS

Liquid Content facilitates the intelligent re-use of content beyond websites, to apps, devices, and Internet of Things (IoT). Because all Liquid Content features are delivered as microservices, DNN can publish weekly or daily updates to individual features. All customers will receive updates instantaneously.