DNN Announces New Liquid Content Channels for Omnichannel Publishing

Apr 27, 2017

DNN Software announced an assortment of new channels in Liquid Content, the omnichannel publishing system central to its Evoq CMS. With the general availability of Evoq 9.1, Liquid Content says it can seamlessly publish to devices such as Amazon Echo, and applications such as Facebook Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The new Liquid Content channels help marketers surface content to customers when and where it’s needed. Marketers need a CMS that’s adaptable and fluid, as consumption patterns shift from websites to apps to Internet of Things (IoT).

As an example of how Liquid Content integrates with devices, DNN developed an Alexa Skill for the Amazon Echo. The Alex Skill uses Liquid Content’s REST API to access content stored in Liquid Content. The semantically tagged content enables Alexa to provide answers to questions.

DNN’s Liquid Content helps organizations manage their content independent of layout. The term “omnichannel” refers to DNN’s capability to go beyond conventional CMS systems and publish to many channels beyond websites. Liquid Content is delivered as a microservice and is available to all Evoq customers, whether they’re running on-premises or in the cloud.