DMP publishes Version 3.0 of Its Specification

Jul 27, 2007

General Assembly of the international Digital Media Project (DMP) has approved the latest version of its Interoperable Digital Rights Management (DRM) Platform (IDP). Currently at version 3.0, the specification provides all standard DRM technologies that are required by most practical DRM uses in an integrated platform.

Major features of IDP-3.0 are the possibility to design value chains that support a broad variety of business models, the availability of Open Source Reference Software, the availability of procedures and suites to test the implementation of a device for conformance, and examples of support of Traditional Rights and Usages (TRU) in an IDP-enabled DRM environment. Called Chillout, the DMP Reference Software is a Java implementation of IDP-2.1, released as Open Source Software under the Mozilla Public Licence V.1.1.