DMOD Introduces DMOD WorkNet Hosted Service

Feb 18, 2003

DMOD, Inc., a provider of secure workflow and distribution solutions, has introduced DMOD WorkNet, a hosted service that allows music, video, and film production teams to share, track, and review digital media via the public Internet. DMOD WorkNet provides the same capabilities as DMOD's enterprise software solution, DMOD WorkSpace, with the addition of flat-fee, month-to-month pricing. Full outsourcing to DMOD also eliminates the need for capital investments and IT support. DMOD WorkNet is designed to improve efficiency, save time, and lower the cost of digital production while providing control of digital assets. As a fully-hosted service, DMOD WorkNet can be rented on an as-needed basis, much like renting studio time or production equipment. Like DMOD WorkSpace, DMOD WorkNet also secures files from unauthorized preview or piracy with a combination of encryption technology and controls over how and when others can interact with the media. DMOD manages setup and administration--production team members automatically receive login and password information, download desktop software from DMOD's Web site, and can begin distributing media via a DMOD server to any number of recipients. Media access permissions remain with the content through the digital production process and can be revoked by content owners at any time. DMOD WorkNet pricing begins at $3500 per project, and varies according to the number of users and length of project. DMOD WorkNet supports Microsoft Windows 2000/XP, Apple's Mac OSX, Linux, and Sun platforms.