DMA Member Companies Working To Solve Cross-Device Marketing Challenges

Aug 23, 2016

Today's consumers are increasingly cross-device in their media consumption, and have come to expect a seamless marketing experience that reaches them wherever and however they connect. While marketers, agencies and publishers are keen to deliver this consumer experience, more than 75% of DMA members surveyed said their organizations lack a clear enough understanding of cross-device marketing and media technologies to implement these capabilities with confidence.

To tackle this challenge and improve the cross-device marketing ecosystem, DMA's Cross-Device ID (XDID) Structured Innovation Program has brought together marketers, media buyers, ad sellers and XDID solution providers, with the goal of elevating the market's XDID "IQ", reducing implementation barriers, and ultimately making it easier for XDID buyers and sellers to do business with confidence.

Earlier this year, DMA launched its Cross-Device Structured Innovation Program, and quickly signed on top executives from prominent brands such as LiveRamp, Oracle, MediaMath, MRM//McCann, Colgate-Palmolive and others as key project leaders. 

In a survey of DMA members, almost all survey respondents indicated that they are in the market for high-quality cross-device identity solutions, but do not have the expertise and confidence to differentiate between the options available in the market today. As part of DMA's XDID program, DMA member companies are collaborating to develop an RFP template that outlines the questions marketers, agencies and publishers should be asking cross-device vendors before selecting the best choice for their needs. DMA's cross-device RFP template will include simple language terms and definitions that everyone in the identity-based marketing and media ecosystem understands.