DECENT Launches Blockchain-Based Content Distribution Platform

Jul 25, 2017

DECENT announced the official launch of its blockchain-based content distribution platform. The platform says it offers a better deal for content producers than the current industry giants such as Apple and Amazon. It will also give artists more freedom and control over ownership and distribution.

DECENT Network will allow artists to efficiently distribute any form of content, including written, music, videos, ebook, and pictures. The distribution does not rely on third parties meaning that artists will also manage their IP rights and pricing themselves.

To demonstrate the functionalities and potential of the DECENT Network, the first application called DECENT GO has recently been developed. DECENT GO is a Google Play-like Digital Marketplace built on top of the DECENT Blockchain Network which allows content publishing and buying on a peer-to-peer principle.

The fee for each transaction is transferred almost instantly to the artist’s account after each transaction. Artists will no longer have to wait months before seeing a penny from their work. At the time of launch, DECENT Network will be a completely free of charge service for artists and consumers. DECENT’s purpose-built Blockchain says it will also ensure trust and security for all its artists.

The majority of the content distribution market is dominated by the big players leaving artists at the mercy of these companies. There are currently some competitors also developing a blockchain-based solution to this issue. SingularDTV is focused on the movie industry, Ujo Music on audio content, and on decentralized news network. DECENT is also leading the way to building a transparent and fair ecosystem for all parties involved, but unlike its competitors, DECENT has built its own blockchain developed specifically to incorporate every format imaginable – all under one roof.