DATx Brings the Blockchain to Digital Advertising

Jun 19, 2018


With investigations into Facebook-Cambridge Analytica resulting in lawsuits, and GDPR coming into effect, digital advertising's unbridled collection and usage of user data is finally meeting legal resistance. The digital advertising industry, previously opaque and behind-the-scenes, is finally being pulled into the light, with the public waking up to the full reach and power of the industry.

But in today's technologically accelerated age, laws may not be enough to protect user privacy. Current legal frameworks evolved over centuries, whereas today's advances in digital technology, following Moore's law, are growing at an exponential rate.

By leveraging technological advances, we can proactively address areas where laws fail to keep up the pace. 

DATx is a project that wishes to build a whole new digital advertising ecosystem that gives data rights back to users. Users participating in the DATx ecosystem can opt into giving their data to advertisers and media platforms to receive DATx token incentives. Furthermore, they are able to select different levels of data authorization for different media channels. This data is gathered, stored, and encrypted on the blockchain. 

No personal identifying information is collected; behavior data comes in the form of feature tags that are linked to a user's UID, which cannot be traced back to an address or name. If users opt-in to provide their data, users not only get paid for their data, but are exposed to higher quality ads and content they actually want to see.

The DATx project says it doesn't just give users a fairer playing field in the industry, it benefits all the players in the system, establishing a digital advertising ecosystem incentivizing mutualistic interactions between users, advertisers, and media platforms.