DALIM SOFTWARE Launches DALIM ES 5.5 Media Production Platform

Jan 25, 2018

DALIM SOFTWARE has announced the release of DALIM ES 5.5, loaded with many new features--a significant update to a major version released just within the past year. DALIM ES (Enterprise Solution) is a media production platform for marketing partners and media services companies—for example, studios, retailers, brand owners and their respective creative agencies—in short, anyone whose responsibilities touch upon the media production process.

Companies use DALIM ES to store, manage, locate, and drive omnichannel projects, from print to web to video. With DALIM ES 5.5, all activities—in-house or externally—are coordinated from design to final print, including regulatory compliance, localization, and versioning to ensure efficiency. It extends the productivity of digital asset management, making project management, collaboration, and review of files even easier and faster.

DALIM ES has performed well this year at the Great DAM Bake Offs at Henry Stewart conferences. DALIM ES has also received 10 Core Certification by former principals of the DAM Foundation Board. This certification is widely viewed as an elite status and prerequisite acknowledgement that a system satisfies the minimum ten characteristic requirements of a successful DAM system.

DALIM ES 5.5 enables fast approval cycles and easy collaboration. With DALIM ES, users can manage their campaigns as a whole, creating all components of the entire marketing mix—for example, including cross-links between media content and collateral materials. New features include:

  • Redesigned Workflow Editor: rewritten with a new user-friendly interface to create, edit and organize workflows. It is now simple to drag and drop tasks into place, and to make—and undo—changes. Administrators can scale the workflow diagrams, zooming in and out easily locate specific tasks. Groups of tasks can easily be copied and placed wherever needed.
  • Deep Learning: DALIM SOFTWARE has implemented an artificial intelligence framework into ES based on similarity, embedding libraries based on deep learning. When the deep learning is active, DALIM ES is automatically tagging metadata when a document is uploaded. The metadata is then used in the search field. Thus, DALIM SOFTWARE is building a machine-learning model that works on any type of data, of any size, for more successful searches—for example, based on their color.
  • Check-in/Check-out: DALIM LATITUDE is a free application that improves the user experience of DALIM SOFTWARE products by providing better interaction between the company’s web applications and the operating system. With DALIM ES and DALIM LATITUDE, a checked-out document from DALIM ES can be stored on the user’s machine in a LATITUDE directory. Users can also easily add new files to an ES project by dropping them in the LATITUDE directory, storing the checked-out files of the project, and checking them in the project.
  • Supported Amazon storage: DALIM ES allows users to access the Amazon S3 storage service, among others. This means that a wider variety of data repositories can be browsed and monitored, as an ES volume.
  • Plugin Components: The new Plugin Components featured in DALIM ES allows expert users to create and edit their own components. These components can be inserted in job ticket layouts, smart views, and desktop, in the same way as any DALIM SOFTWARE-created component. Users can build their own interfaces in ES—for example, helpful operations such as automatically filling out a form, or picking a date from a calendar.
  • Customizable Brand Portal: It also allows the administrator, at the request of management, to build an interface that eliminates certain irrelevant pieces on the page. This makes the user experience less daunting to the novice user, and more seamless.
  • Electronic Signature on Approve/Reject: DALIM ES can be programmed to ask for a user/password before a user can approve or reject a layout, both in the DALIM ES flat plan view and in DIALOGUE Engine. This is particularly critical for those who are creating pharmaceutical or medical device packaging and artwork content, and who need strict audit approval tracking compliance according to, for example, the 21CFR11 Electronic Signatures Code. This assures that the DALIM ES workflow is in EU and US regulatory compliance for, as an example, dosage and ingredients.
  • Multi-site support: DALIM ES allows for centralized management and resources for other sites and regions around the world. With DALIM ES, while information is centralized, work can be processed locally at remote sites. This avoids network transfer of large files, and provides dedicated devices for customers.