DADI CDN Powers Content Distribution into the Decentralized Era

Jun 19, 2018

DADI, the startup building a decentralized architecture for a democratic internet, has launched DADI CDN as the first service to run on the decentralized DADI cloud network. DADI CDN aims to be the largest and most distributed content delivery network in the world, providing customers optimized performance and enhanced developer features at a fraction of the cost of existing Content Delivery Network (CDN) providers.

DADI CDN is designed to carry the processing and delivery load associated with high trafficked properties, image manipulation, and digital asset delivery--sitting as an autonomous layer on top of your core digital product.

DADI CDN’s key features include

  • One CDN for all content types: Store and deliver your HTML, images, video, font files, and ‘minify’ your CSS and JavaScript assets
  • Intelligent delivery: Let CDN choose the best enhancements based on device, network, location or language
  • Delivery recipes: Store frequently used image manipulation parameters as a 'delivery recipe'
  • Simplified media storage: Never maintain multiple sizes of the same image, every time you upload - CDN generates new variations from a single master image
  • Crop based on subject matter: Let CDN decide the focal point of your images containing only the essentials, cropped to your specifications

DADI CDN says it provides a secure, fast and highly configurable solution that can be deployed in minutes. As with all DADI web services the product is will be available as a self-service solution, but initially DADI CDN will be deployed for enterprise customers globally, with support from DADI+, with teams located in the UK, Eastern Europe, Southern Europe and Asia-Pacific.