CyberAlert Launches Three New Features

Aug 28, 2009

Media monitoring service CyberAlert has raised the curtain on three new features and services: automated translation, News on Your Site, and Twitter Monitoring Service.

The automated translator means that now all daily CyberAlert daily email alerts now include language identification and an automated translation service for all non-English language clips. The Translate link gives an instant translation of foreign-language clips and allows the user to view the original text side-by-side with the English translation.

With the News on Your Site feature, the CyberAlert 4.0 news monitoring service now offers all news monitoring clients the ability to easily select, edit, and republish headlines and excerpts of news clips on their own external website or intranet. By placing a bit of CyberAlert code on the website, users can create a space where they drop articles. The service gives users the ability to edit the title or text of the article if they so choose.

Twitter Monitoring Service sends subscribers tweets whenever a key word comes up on Twitter and delivers all identified Twitter posts in the client's daily email alert.