CyberAlert Introduces One Clip Per Story News Monitoring Service

May 22, 2007

CyberAlert, the media monitoring service, has launched a news monitoring, clipping, and briefing service dubbed CyberAlert SSE that delivers only one clip per day of any news story, no matter how many news sources carry the story. The daily email news monitoring alert automatically filters out clips of the same article that appear the same day in other news sources. The SSE acronym stands for "same story exclusion."

While delivering only one clip per day in a daily email news alert, the CyberAlert SSE press clipping service also stores the URL links to all the stories it found so that clients can access and review all published articles. The new SSE service charges a flat monthly fee with no per clip charges. Public relations professionals wanting to receive every news clip can continue to use the CyberAlert 4.0 news monitoring service that delivers all clips from 25,000+ online news sources worldwide in 20+ languages. The CyberAlert 4.0 news clipping service includes a searchable clip archive (Digital Clip Book), designed to enable users to sort and find delivered news clips. Additional information about CyberAlert SSE news briefing service and a 14-day free news monitoring trial of CyberAlert SSE and other media monitoring services are available on the CyberAlert website.