Cyara Automates CX Troubleshooting and Speeds Issue Resolution

Sep 19, 2019

In a move to provide tighter integration between customer experience (CX) and broader IT and software development infrastructure, Cyara is now integrating the Cyara CX Assurance Platform with leading technology solutions for Agile, DevOps and incident management from Splunk, Jira, and ServiceNow. With these integrations, Cyara’s customers can more quickly and conveniently troubleshoot and resolve CX issues such as dropped calls or delays, and better utilize enterprise toolchains that support Agile software development and operations.

By sharing CX data across previously disconnected systems, the new integrations eliminate duplicative work and optimize workflows for enterprise teams to respond to customer-impacting issues, reducing time to resolution and ultimately enabling enterprises to deliver higher quality CX, faster.

Consolidated IT Monitoring with Splunk

Cyara can now send alarms, clearing events and monitoring data feeds to Splunk. Cyara’s detailed outside-in perspective on CX performance provides key insights and complements the internal, log-related data traditionally housed in Splunk. By correlating data from Cyara and internal systems, CX and IT professionals can quickly identify the root cause of CX issues. For example, Cyara data may identify that customer information was incorrect on a web page or in an IVR prompt, and the underlying log data could reveal the root cause, such as a specific middleware server.

Automated Defect Tracking with Jira

Integration with Atlassian’s Jira, a popular solution for managing software development and defect tracking, will allow for efficient bug reporting. Through this integration, defect reporting and tracking becomes an automated process facilitating continuous testing and rapid iteration. IT technicians can now create a Jira defect directly from within Cyara while they are reviewing test results. That tracked defect in Jira remains linked to Cyara’s functional test results, making issue details and even call recordings easily accessible, facilitating defect resolution.

Streamlined Ticketing and Support with ServiceNow

The Cyara platform, which monitors CX systems and delivers real-time issue alerts via desktop or mobile phone, can now create tickets in the ServiceNow IT ticketing system, enabling rapid response and reduced mean time to repair. Once Cyara identifies an operational issue in the customer experience, a Cyara user can initiate a ServiceNow ticket, automatically populating the information captured by Cyara directly in the Cyara monitoring results page or Pulse Dashboard. To facilitate collaboration and coordination, other Cyara users are notified of new tickets via Push Notifications to the Cyara Pulse Mobile App and within the Cyara web portal.

The Cyara CX Assurance Platform

The award-winning Cyara CX Assurance Platform helps companies accelerate CX development, increase quality across all digital and voice channels, and assure the quality of customer journeys from beginning to end. Cyara’s automation and collaborative environment helps organizations rapidly innovate their CX. Cyara then puts CX systems through extensive performance and load-testing, ensuring systems work at scale. Finally, Cyara delivers real-time CX insights via desktop or mobile phone, enabling customers to identify any issues and troubleshoot problems. Cyara’s customers include leading brands across a variety of consumer and business segments including technology, insurance, finance, travel, and retail.

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