Cxense Survey Data Shows Increased Need for Creating Individualized Experiences Online

Nov 17, 2015

At Cxense Experience Americas, new data from a survey by Cxense, a provider of real-time data management and personalization solutions, found publishers understand the critical need for data for their business, but many still lag behind on using it to improve user experiences and digital revenue.

Cxense shared the key findings of the survey, including:

  • 81% of companies believe that data is critical or very important to the success of digital publishers
  • 69% of companies do not personalize their homepage or landing pages based on individual users
  • 59% of companies send email newsletters to users, but 62% of companies do not personalize the content in email newsletters, and only 13% plan on starting to send personalized email newsletters in the next twelve months
  • 53% of companies do not have a strategy to deal with ad-blockers

Although personalization had been deemed essential, the results of this survey indicate that digital media companies need to take action on the data they have in order to create better user experiences.

Cxense's survey was administered in conjunction with Editor & Publisher in October of 2015. The survey included questions about data, personalization, data management platforms, and ad-blocking. A total of 287 respondents from the publishing industry completed the survey.