CurtCo Media Selects Crownpeak's Advantage CMS

Feb 10, 2004


CrownPeak Technology, a provider of hosted content management, has announced that it will provide its Advantage CMS system to all of CurtCo Media's current titles, including Robb Report, Robb Report Home Entertainment & Design, Worth, The Robb Report Collection, Robb Report Motorcycling, and CurtCo's Digital TV.  

CrownPeak teamed with CurtCo Media in an effort to deploy a sophisticated publishing system that is also portable. CurtCo was initially looking to quickly integrate a unified content management solution across all of its current Web properties. With ecommerce, site search, bulletin boards, and classified banner ad management already driving revenue for the online magazines, CurtCo required a flexible and powerful solution that could also be easily deployed and managed for new magazine acquisitions. CrownPeak's Advantage CMS provides CurtCo Media with: WYSIWYG editing, visual versioning and rollback, spell checking, link management, comprehensive workflow, security monitoring, database management, and wireless compatibility, in a browser-based interface.

Advantage CMS is now handling all content management responsibilities for both Robb Report and Robb Report Home Entertainment & Design. Worth is scheduled to launch by the end of February. For all of the publications, Advantage CMS manages the designs and separate workflow for the authors at both magazines--but administrators at CurtCo use a singular back-end for Web site administration. Over time, CurtCo Media anticipates expanding the CrownPeak CMS implementation across the remaining three titles.

CrownPeak is also supporting ecommerce for ad space through Advantage CMS. CurtCo developed a special version of classified ads, known as "e-brochures," that enable users to upload images and content for ad space on the Web site. Advantage CMS has been integrated with CurtCo's ecommerce engine to automatically accept these ads and the associated photos via email, forward an email to accounting--which then approves ad content--and publish the ad to the Web site at the appropriate time.


CurtCo Media is operated by CurtCo Media Labs, which, since 1987, has operated as a developer of publishing businesses. With offices in Malibu, New York and Boston, CurtCo is parent to a family of publications that are targeted to affluent readers. These titles include Robb Report, The Robb Report Collection, Robb Report Home Entertainment & Design, and Worth. CurtCo's expansion plans include the launches of two additional publications in 2004: CurtCo's DigitalTV and Robb Report Motorcycling.

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