Curata Finds Content Marketing Success Tied to Longevity of Program

Nov 13, 2012

The B2B marketing landscape is shifting, and the use of content marketing is at all-time high; however, a lack of measurement for those programs confirms a need for learning and growth in the industry, according to the second annual B2B Marketing Survey from Curata, Inc. The results, derived from more than 450 marketing professionals found that while 87% of those surveyed are using content marketing to further their overall objectives, 43% of respondents do not measure the outcome of their programs.

According to the survey 57% of respondents are currently employing content curation. And, due to the fact that curation can help marketers' with a limited budget and staff, its use will only continue to surge. While 43% of marketers do not measure the outcome of their content curation programs, for those curators who do measure, there is a clear correlation between amount of time curating and success. Of those that deem their content curation programs successful, 32% have been curating successfully for more than two years.

When it comes to content marketing objectives, engaging customers and prospects and driving sales are at the top of the list, yet 43% of participants do not know if content marketing has increased their inbound leads. As content marketing continues to be the top tactic for marketers in the future, they will need to demonstrate its worth in the overall marketing strategy.


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"Content marketing" has grown from a murkily defined buzzword--or rather, a series of evolving buzzwords including "branded content" and "custom publishing"--into a ubiquitous, and in some high-profile cases demonstrably effective marketing strategy. Whether they knew it or not, millions of American consumers were touched last year by savvy content marketing campaigns from a broad spectrum of brands ranging from Oreo cookies to the Democratic and Republican presidential campaigns. With the rise of content marketing has come a proliferation of solutions for companies lacking the resources or the internal know-how to execute their own content marketing strategies from scratch.