Curata Announces Google Reader Replacement

Apr 03, 2013

Curata, Inc., a content curation platform, announced that it is developing a Google Reader replacement specifically designed for business users, following Google's March 13, 2013 announcement of its intentions to discontinue Google Reader. Curata plans to utilize existing intelligent content processing technology from its flagship content curation product. The company is currently accepting invitations in anticipation of the public launch of Curata Reader.

While Curata Reader will be of use to everyday individuals, it will be targeted at users whose jobs depend on it, such as marketing and communication groups, competitive intelligence teams, and information service professionals.

The launch of Curata Reader is planned for early May. Though the product is still under development, the company is accepting only 10,000 sign-ups for early access. You can sign up here to be one the first 10,000 invites that will go out when Curata Reader launches.