Cumulus 7.5.1 Offers Fixes and Faster Web Client Previews

Aug 28, 2007

Canto Software has released Cumulus 7.5.1, a free download available to all customers on software maintenance agreements. Among the changes made to all editions of the Cumulus product line, Canto engineers have rolled new preview technologies into Cumulus 7.5.1, developed specifically for the company’s web client software. The first of the new technologies generates and stores preview images on the server’s hard disk. When a user requests a preview, the cached image is displayed--a process that takes far less time than generating on-demand previews.

Canto’s second new web preview technology enables Cumulus to display high-resolution
thumbnails in place of standard previews. This means assets stored in nonimage formats, such as PowerPoint, QuarkXPress, InDesign and others, can now be previewed from any web browser, even when the creating application isn’t available.