CrownPeak’s CMS and Search Help to Launch Luxury Portal

Aug 16, 2005

CrownPeak, a software service provider of content management, announced that CurtCo Media has deployed the combination of CrownPeak's content management solution (CMS) and Web Site Search to create the Robb Report Luxury Portal, a Web site for the luxury lifestyle.

The Robb Report Luxury Portal incorporates editorial, photography, and classified advertising from each title. The portal is a resource for everything from fine wines to wealth management; vacation homes to motorcycling; luxury automobiles to exquisite jewelry and watches; and private aviation to high-end audio and video entertainment. CurtCo Media is the parent company to a family of publications that are targeted to affluent readers. Its publications include Robb Report, The Robb Report Collection, Worth, Robb Report Vacation Homes, Robb Report Luxury Home, Robb Report MotorCycling, and Robb Report Home Entertainment. The new portal serves as a collection of Robb Report's luxury content under one branded banner, and provides CurtCo Media with an immediate and substantial expansion of advertising inventory. Visitors can access articles and classified advertising from the various publications from the portal, or can proceed directly to each magazine's individual Web site.

CrownPeak CMS enables the Robb Report Luxury Portal's content to be managed from the individual content management systems for each magazine. Each publication Web site determines which articles to include in the portal through a content syndication feed, and CrownPeak software automatically presents the articles based on their categories and displays them on the appropriate pages of the Robb Report Luxury Portal.

The portal also employs CrownPeak's CrownPeak Search--an on-demand search tool that automatically and continually evolves from both the content and the user's search behavior. CrownPeak Search uses advanced search features like the re-prioritizing of results, based on newness and popularity of the content, and progressive matching, which takes into account partial matches and user misspellings. In addition, CrownPeak Search gives CurtCo Media the ability to sell keywords to advertisers, expanding the portal's revenue possibilities.