CrownPeak Technology Introduces Advantage ES

Jun 18, 2004


CrownPeak Technology has introduced Advantage ES, an extended suite of developer tools and customization capabilities that is designed to enable CrownPeak's On Demand content management solution to compete on even footing with installed applications. Advantage ES offers solution developers the ability to build and customize integrated content management applications without installing software or purchasing hardware. As part of the CrownPeak ES launch, the company is unveiling a new section of the CrownPeak site for developers, with code samples, documentation, and integration support. CrownPeak has also launched a complete developer training and support program.

Advantage ES consists of a new range of developer tools, an expanded API, a suite of gateway interfaces with configuration tools, and a set of pre-configured customizations for applications like extranets, intranets, workflow engines, document and/or asset catalogues, ecommerce systems, and more. In addition, CrownPeak is announcing support for development in external platforms and connections directly into the CrownPeak application suite via Web Services (SOAP). The first major platform supported in this program is Microsoft's .NET.

The new platform is aimed at three target markets: developers who want to create unique content management applications and are looking for a platform on which to build them; partners who seek to develop customized and/or private labeled content management applications for their customers and need the infrastructure, framework and support to deliver them; and CMS buyers whose technology requirements for content management are sophisticated and who want to deploy a flexible, powerful content management system without the cost and support requirements of traditional on-site software.