CrownPeak Introduces AdvantageMail

Mar 07, 2003

In an effort to extend the reach of its hosted content management system, CrownPeak Technology has unveiled AdvantageMail, an email campaign solution designed to provide customers with interface components for rich media email creation, publishing, and management, all incorporated into CrownPeak's Advantage CMS. The AdvantageMail system draws on a partnership with EmailLabs, a provider of email marketing technology solutions. CrownPeak's AdvantageMail system enables customers to integrate Web site workflow with both email and site content. Advantage CMS customers can create, design, and publish an email to their subscription database, or a segment thereof. Simultaneously, the system can update the site, create a customized landing page, or automatically create an updated archive of the newsletter listing. The synthesis of the two companies' respective technologies is intended to give CrownPeak customers the ability to manage their email campaigns from the Advantage CMS interface. Users can run their rich-media email through workflow like any other document. When ready to publish, the system feeds the HTML, text, and versions into an EmailLabs system for distribution and tracking. The AdvantageMail system produces real-time reports on email publishing, auditing and other workflow related indicators.  Through the partnership with EmailLabs, users can now also generate reports on user activity, bounces, unsubscribes, and reply handling. For those enterprises interested in commercial email campaigns, AdvantageMail also provides slotting interfaces. Commercial campaigns can generate reports based on demographics so that customers can obtain data on which portions of their email lists have been fulfilled and how often.

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