CrownPeak Deployed by Office Of US Trade Representative; Gains GSA Certification

Jun 13, 2003

CrownPeak Technology, a provider of hosted content management systems, has been selected by the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative to provide content management services for the USTR public web portal, USTR will deploy CrownPeak's Advantage CMS solution as part of an effort to build greater transparency into the development of trade policy through a complete overhaul of its online presence. A new Web site employing CrownPeak's CMS is expected to launch this summer. The Office of the USTR is responsible for developing and implementing trade policies that promote global economic growth, and creating new opportunities for American businesses, workers and agricultural producers. The USTR's Web site is the primary channel of communication between the agency and the general public, and requires a continuous updating of content to keep pace with the administration's trade agenda.  

CrownPeak has also announced that it has been awarded certification by the US General Services Administration (GSA) and has been added to its prime contractor's line of products and services. Advantage CMS can now be acquired directly by federal and state agencies. With its GSA certification, CrownPeak now offers its Advantage CMS to any federal or state agency directly from Earlier this year, CrownPeak Technology unveiled AdvantageMail, an email campaign solution that provides customers with interface components for rich media email creation, publishing, and management, all incorporated into Advantage CMS. The AdvantageMail system draws on a partnership with EmailLabs, a provider of advanced email marketing technology solutions. This partnership enables non-technical USTR staff to create, edit, and publish email alerts and newsletters, automatically building the HTML version, the text version, and the AOL-friendly version and pushing them out to the USTR subscriber list. As part of the USTR project, CrownPeak will implement a new navigation and indexing system for, integrated with its search system. The new navigation system will include multiple search categories and indexes for complex sets of trade documents.  By enabling the USTR staff to publish out specialized indexes and establish new categories and sub-categories for site content, the agency can expand and adjust the site as needed in the always-changing environment of international trade. The goal is to make it easier for the public to locate, inspect and copy federal government documents, contributing to the goal of a more transparent government.

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