Crown Media Selects Scientific Software ECM for Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

Jan 18, 2005

Scientific Software, Inc., a provider of enterprise content management (ECM) solutions, has announced that Crown Media Holdings (CRWN), an international broadcaster who owns and operates the Hallmark Channel, has chosen the Scientific Software Enterprise Content Manager (ECM) platform in an effort to improve compliance with financial disclosure mandates of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Section 404 of the act requires public corporations to establish and maintain an adequate internal control structure and to assess the effectiveness of controls for improving the accuracy and reliability of financial disclosures.

As a part of Crown's assessment of their current internal controls, over 250 key spreadsheet templates incorporating financial data and analyses to support general ledger entries were identified as an area of potential high risk. Scientific Software Enterprise Content Manager incorporates special remediation features for improving spreadsheet compliance for Sarbanes-Oxley, including: cell-by-cell audit trail for tracking changes; auditing of changes to data values, formulas and macros; a visual differencing tool to compare changes between two versions of a spreadsheet or two separate spreadsheets; version control; a cell locking mechanism for spreadsheet cells that is protected with an encrypted password based on the ECM system security model; optional lock out of Microsoft Excel menu items, macros, and hot keys to prevent tampering with spreadsheet formulas and macros; electronic signatures; a scalable ECM repository to capture, manage, archive, and re-use spreadsheets and other corporate records; a security model for controlling access to spreadsheets via a set of pre-defined user privileges; integrated workflow automation for managing and auditing spreadsheet change requests; full-text and keyword indexing to make spreadsheets searchable based on their content; and built-in records retention and archival.