Crosswise Launches Cross-Device Identification Data Solution

Jul 24, 2014

Crosswise launched a cross-device identification service to provide the ad tech industry with a "data only" service that is completely neutral - free of media bias - and validated for accuracy. Crosswise offers DSPs, DMPs, retargeters, agency trading desks, affiliate platforms, analytics companies, and attribution providers accurate device graph based on data analysis, machine learning, and proprietary algorithms.

Crosswise's technology links internet-enabled devices to a single user, without using any personally identifiable information. Crosswise's customers then use that information for a myriad of business purposes across devices, including audience extension, targeting, frequency capping, sequencing, measurement and attribution.

In conjunction with the company's launch, Crosswise is announcing a comprehensive partnership with LiveRamp that includes the enhancement of Crosswise's statistical models, the ability for Crosswise to distribute data to LiveRamp's network of 100+ digital marketing application partners, and access to the Crosswise service for LiveRamp's onboarding customers.