CrossRef Launches Simple-Text Query Service

Oct 31, 2006

CrossRef, a reference-linking network for scholarly and professional publishers, has announced the launch of its freely available Simple-Text Query service to designed to facilitate DOI look-up for researchers and publishers. In partnership with Inera, CrossRef has deployed a custom version of Inera's eXtyles refXpress that parses unstructured, simple-text references into granular and valid XML and returns any matching DOIs for those references. The link to the Simple-Text Query service is featured on CrossRef's homepage.

A cut-and-paste form accepts references formatted in bibliographic styles and returns the DOI for the publication if one is found in CrossRef. One or more references may be pasted into the form on this page. For editorial purposes, users can check the accuracy of a reference by clicking on the returned DOI and viewing the bibliographic information available directly from the publisher. In addition to serving researchers who wish to check references and add DOIs prior to publication, many smaller publishers experience this interface as an alternative to CrossRef's XML-based batch query interface. The member-only version of the service will soon include a file-upload capability as well.