Crisp Wireless Launches mLogic Store

Mar 08, 2005

Crisp Wireless, a provider of mobile content management and wireless delivery software applications, has launched enhancements to its mLogic Store, a content management and ecommerce solution that supports Web and mobile discovery portals, over-the-air provisioning, flexible billing models, and digital rights management. Crisp Wireless' mLogic Store is designed to enable businesses to increase revenues by distributing digital assets through various wireless distribution platforms such as Web sites, branded mobile portals, and in-store kiosks. Customers can browse and purchase content online or with their mobile devices by providing their mobile number.

Highlights of the enhancements to Crisp Wireless' mLogic Store include: Digital asset management--enables businesses to manage and distribute various content assets such as pictures, graphics, songs, promotions, video clips, and ring tones; Flexible billing options--allows content providers to offer various billing methods such as subscription billing, one-time charges, and pay-per-view models; Multiple payment options--provides billing to customer's phone bill, direct integration into carrier billing or into an existing commerce system, credit card payment or micro payments; Smart device database--allows content providers to automatically detect the device their customer is using, enabling them to deliver content that is optimized for each specific device; and Usage tracking--provides statistics on application usage for use in sales and marketing analysis, content expiration, and to notify customers about available updates.