Credo Reference Expands Content from M.E. Sharpe

Mar 17, 2011

Online reference service Credo Reference signed an agreement to expand the M.E. Sharpe content available through its platform. Users will now have access to the added content as a Credo Reference Publisher Collection and the forthcoming Subject Collections. M.E. Sharpe publishes social sciences and humanities resources, including titles in economics, political science, management and public administration, history, and literature.

Titles in the M.E. Sharpe Publisher Collection include Archetypes and Motifs in Folklore and Literature: A Handbook, Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Women, Civil Disobedience: An Encyclopedic History of Dissidence in the United States, Encyclopedia of Civil Liberties in America, and Dictionary of Media and Communication. The M.E. Sharpe Publisher Collection is available for both perpetual purchase and subscription.