Credo Launches Topic Page Beta

Apr 13, 2010

Responding to the increasing tendency of students and others to begin research at Wikipedia, Credo Reference is announced an easy-to-use alternative, Credo Topic Pages. Designed to provide contextualized, orderly access to authoritative content, each of the over 10,000 Credo Topic Pages is an all-in-one starting point that assembles topical material from many resources from within and outside the library.

Librarians can choose which resources will be displayed on their customized version of Credo Topic Pages, helping their users gain subject orientation, context and vocabulary, and pathways to further exploration of the subject matter. By presenting and utilizing the library's resources at the point of need, Topic Pages function as an "anytime" reference interview. The Topic Pages are designed to drive additional traffic to the library from the open web, increasing the usage and value of library resource investments and bringing together unconnected databases into one easy-to-use research gateway.