Crafter Software Announces New Partnership With Global Quark

Apr 10, 2014

Crafter Software Corporation, a web content management solution, announced a new partnership with an l IT consulting and services company Global Quark. Global Quark provides IT consulting services and solutions for enterprises located in Mexico and throughout the Latin American region. Through the partnership, Crafter Software and Global Quark will deliver a portfolio of services and solutions for enterprise customers in the areas of content management, web and mobile applications, intranets, and e-commerce.

Crafter Software provides commercial support services for the Crafter CMS open source project ( Crafter says its CMS is designed from the ground up as a state-of-the-art platform for the emerging era of digital engagement. Crafter CMS enables marketers and content producers to easily create engaging, personalized conversations with site visitors across all online channels, including the web, mobile devices and apps, social media, and much more.

Global Quark says it offers IT solutions and services using tested methodologies and provides practical, simple, and robust solutions to complex scenarios. Its expertise is focused on the implementation of enterprise content management and enterprise portals.