Cox Enterprises Launches COMET, a Unified Programmatic Platform

Apr 06, 2017

Cox Enterprises Inc. announced the launch of its latest technology investment, COMET (Cox Media Technology). COMET is a unified programmatic platform that connects buyers and sellers across all advertising channels, including desktop, mobile, video, and TV. 

COMET’s programmatic platform leverages artificial intelligence and anti-fraud technology alongside datasets from Cox Automotive (Kelley Blue Book, Autotrader), Cox Communications, and Cox Media Group to provide buyers and sellers with tools that increase return on investment (ROI). The technology powers the transaction of media across all advertising channels and in various formats, such as display, pre-roll video, and OTT.

The programmatic platform includes several proprietary technology features of note. COMET’s on-going anti-fraud initiatives include real-time inventory quality checks for 100% of the impressions passing through the platform, managed both internally and by two independent verification services. COMET’s Focal uses machine learning technology to simulate buy-side demand and test the performance of an impression in a live-market scenario. Additionally, COMET Radius fills in missing impression data points and layers on additional information to every impression passing through the platform.

As the technology arm of Cox Enterprises, COMET also powers the Cox Innovation Lab. Businesses can leverage COMET’s strategic business assets, specialized technology, engineering resources and research capabilities to develop superior technology solutions.