Covario Hosts Webinar, Polls Marketers on Favorite Social Media, Sharing Sites

Feb 27, 2012

Covario, Inc. hosted a webinar for more than 100 digital marketers across the U.S. They discussed social media, content syndication, and search engine optimization (SEO). During the session there were two poll questions raised:

One was: With what kind of social media are your customers most engaged? Social networking (through sites like Facebook) was the top answer with 67.5% of the votes. Microblogging (as in Twitter) accounted for 16.2% of the votes, and blogging (via Tumblr or Wordpress) came in at 15%. Link sharing sites, like Stumbleupon, Reddit, and Pinterest, together accounted for 1.2% of the votes.

The second poll question was: What is your favorite platform for link sharing? Twitter won out over Facebook, 46.5% to 43.6%. Pinterest was the favorite of only 2%; Reddit, 1%; and 6.9% had another favorite site.

Covario is an independent search marketing agency and SEO software provider.