CourseForum Announces ProjectForum 4.0

Nov 09, 2004

CourseForum Technologies has announced the immediate availability of ProjectForum 4.0, an update to its Web-based software that is designed to provide professional and easy-to-use online workspaces for a team's work and collaboration. ProjectForum's wiki-style forums are intended to help groups focus their collaboration, filling the gap between email and meetings or teleconferences. ProjectForum is available either as a fully managed hosted service, or as software that can be downloaded and run in-house. Versions are available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and other Unixes, while users of the software need only a standard Web browser. Updates in version 4.0 include a new weblog-style top posting option for comments, the ability to created named links, and new archiving facilities, including a static HTML export. ProjectForum hosting starts at $20 a month, while downloadable versions start at $229, with a free version also available.