Coull Creates Programmatic Private Marketplace for In-video Overlay Advertising

Nov 25, 2014

Coull, a video advertising technology company in the UK, has partnered with advertising exchange PubMatic to create a programmatic Private Marketplace (PMP) for in-video overlay advertising. The partnership will enable advertisers to deliver highly-tailored in-video overlay campaigns on a global scale across Coull's established network of media partners in over 180 markets.

With a finite pool of premium pre-roll advertising inventory available, Coull's overlay ad unit enables brands to deliver their creative within the stream of high-quality video content from media companies, a number of which have already signed up for the new marketplace. For these media companies, Coull's overlay ad format and the PubMatic partnership create an additional revenue stream using their existing video content.

Coull's network of video inventory currently stands at just over 6 billion video views per month across 180 markets. The company's technology platform analyses video content to deliver advertising that is contextually relevant. PubMatic is a technology platform that powers the programmatic advertising strategy of leading publishers and premium brands across display, mobile and video formats.