Corpora Announces Business-Analysis Tool

Apr 07, 2006

News!, from text-analysis software company, Corpora plc, is a business-analysis tool designed to speed up the analysis of news by automating the process. News! automatically reads incoming news articles, identifies what they are about, and graphically displays if the coverage is positive, negative, or neutral.

News! identifies events, measures their impact on your business, and spots market trends about your competitors, products, and clients. News! lets companies manage their reputation better, and react faster to reinforce good news--or respond to bad news--as it happens. News! means that your analysts spend less time searching for the important events within data feeds--and more time using their expertise to drive P&L, increase sales, or make research decisions.

News! uses text-analysis to extract the events from news feeds and to determine the sentiment of the coverage. The human eye can typically only deal with 10-15 articles an hour, whereas News! is able to assess the content of 10 articles a second. News! can be integrated into most news feeds and news archive services.