CorpTech Launches High Tech Industry Database

May 18, 2004

Corporate Technology Information Services, Inc. (CorpTech), a wholly owned subsidiary of OneSource Information Services, Inc., has announced the launch of its Historical Market Analysis Database product. This product is designed to provide direct access to historical information on more than 100,000 high-tech companies spanning 15 years, and allow users to dig into the history and workings of both private and public technology companies in the U.S. CorpTech builds its database products upon a granular taxonomy of the technology marketplace that subdivides technology firms into 18 major and 280 sub-sector technology categories, which in turn supports 3,000 technology product definitions.  CorpTech's Historical Market Analysis Database product is available for subscription immediately on a one-time charge basis with annual updates. Pricing varies based on number of years and industries included in the market analysis.